January 2013

Dear Friends,  Here are my new lectionary based lyrics for January 2013.

January 6th 2013 Matthew 2:1-12

Most of this set of lyrics is found in Singing a New Song Volume 3, number 24 – ‘The wise men visit’. I have changed verses 2 and 3 to connect with the gospel reading more closely.

Men, who study stars, visit
Tune Dix AHB 239 TiS 314

Ancient stars would shed their light,
Shining bright, both day and night;
Heralding some wondrous birth
Of a god’s descent to earth;
Super heroes – glorified;
By such legends deified.

Matthew tells that Jesus’ star
Guides some gentiles from afar;
Herod and so many Jews
Were vexed by their troubling news –
Any new-born king might try
To take power. He has to die!

That same star led all the way
To the house where Jesus lay;
There they worshiped on their knee;
Giving gifts so generously;
They went home a different road;
Untouched by what might explode.

In our mind we travel there;
Can we stay? Are we aware
To remain could change our life?
Staying here might lead to strife;
Or will we, like wise men three,
Go back home and let things be?

January 13th 2013 Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

These lyrics were also offered back in January 8th 2012, based on Mark 1 : 4 – 11,
but I think they are suitable to be used with this Luke reading as well.

John Preaches

 Tune Kingsfold AHB 500, 518 TiS 262, 585

The herald of the one to come,
Came preaching inner peace;
“Turn from your sins and be baptized,
And God will give release.”
This Baptist wore a leather belt
And clothes of camel’s hair;
Wild honey, locusts were his food;
He breathed the desert air.

“The one expected”, John declares,
“Is one who is unique;
“Much greater than I am, is he:
“Compared with him I’m weak.
“Not worthy to untie his shoes”;
John takes the lowest place,
And with him we can see in Christ
The wonder of God’s grace.

When John baptized him, Jesus saw
The heavens from above
Were op’ning and then coming down
God’s spirit like a dove.
Now Jesus stands before us all,
We see a man who’s free;
We ponder on his deeds of love
Lived out so wondrously.

January 20th 2013  John 2:1-11

All translations I have consulted translate the first phrase of this story as ‘On the third day.’    I think the Good News Bible destroys some of the import of this story by translating this first phrase, ‘Two days later’.

On the Third Day

Suggested tune  Chilton Foliat  AHB  530, 566  TiS 487

The wine ran out!  The wedding feast was doomed!
What could they do?  The wine was all consumed!
His mother came to Jesus with a plea –
Could he assist and that, quite urgently.

Six water jars, a hundred litres each,
Were sitting empty, well within their reach;
“Fill all of them.  Then serve it to each guest.”
When tasted by the host, “It is the best.”

The third day – we know what this day implies;
This gospel sign reveals and edifies;
Religious rites of cleansing, for the Jews,
Is now replaced by Jesus, his Good News.

His is the best wine we can ever taste;
Though so abundant, none should go to waste;
The One who lives, the host whene’re we dine,
We celebrate with bread and this new wine.

January 27th 2013  Luke 4:14-21

Jesus’ Mission

 Tune Holywood  Not in AHB  TiS 501

Jesus listened to past wisdom,
To Isaiah’s Servant Song;
He heard in this his own calling;
As a servant, he was strong;
Jesus spoke of his ambition,
To have justice vanquish wrong.

Jesus’ mission was to offer
Good news in which poor delight;
For the prisoner and the captive
Open gates to freedom’s light;
To deliver broken victims;
To recover failing sight.

May our hearts be turned to Jesus
And his passion for God’s reign;
For true justice and compassion
Promising relief of pain;
We can then join celebration
In extending God’s domain.

A happy New Year.  Until next month,

Grace and Peace    George Stuart.


About George Stuart

I am the author of 'Singing a New Song', a seven volume hymnbook with new modern lyrics.
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